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About Tungsten Carbide Rings & Wedding Rings

Tungsten Carbide Rings Are Made to Last A Lifetime

Tungsten carbide is a tough, scratch resistant metal that is becoming very popular as a medium to make all kinds of things, including both men's and women's wedding rings and other kinds of more casual forms of Tungsten rings.

What are the advantages of Tungsten Carbide Rings?

When it comes to making Tungsten rings, there are many advantages to this precious metal. First, tungsten carbide rings are actually 10x harder than 18ct gold, as well as 5x harder than steel and it's even 4x harder than titanium! This means that tungsten rings are made out of the hardest possible precious metal that is used to make wedding bands and other types of jewellery.
The fact that it is so hard and scratch resistant makes tungsten carbide rings always look new and shiny because they never show signs of age no matter how long you have them. Tungsten rings are polished through the use of a diamond composite and they never lose their lustrous shine! Plus, tungsten is nearly indestructible, only breaking under heavy impact or force, What could be better as a symbol of marriage, which is a love that is meant to last a lifetime!
Regular rings made of other metals like gold or silver will quickly show the wear and tear of scratches, nicks, dents, bending or other blemishes. But not tungsten rings, as they completely resist these sorts of damages. Tungsten is nearly as hard as a diamond, which rates 10 on the special Mohs hardness scale and Tungsten rates an eight or a nine on the Mohs scale.

How are Tungsten Rings made?

In order to make Tungsten rings, the two components of tungsten and carbide powders are ground into a powder and high pressure is used to make a ring blank. The ring blank is then heated to more than 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit to create the metal that all Tungsten rings are created from.
All Tungsten carbide rings are then individually made, as well as being hand-crafted to bring out the best possible designs to meet the fancy of your fiancée in the form of a wedding or engagement ring, or to form other kinds of less formal types of rings and jewellery. Diamond tools are used to cut and shape the rings since nothing else can cut it into the proper shapes.

Caring for Tungsten Rings

When you own a tungsten ring, there are a few things to remember about its care. Even though they are scratch resistant, you shouldn't do something such as hit it on purpose with a hammer just to see what happens! The tensile strength of tungsten is about 500,000 PSI, but there are still ways that it may be damaged in put under enough pressure.
You also shouldn't try to clean tungsten rings in an ultrasonic, ionic or steam cleaner. You also can't clean them with chemicals, as this can cause them to get spotted, and you can only clean them with a mild type of soap and warm water. Use this mixture, along with a toothbrush or a soft cloth. This will keep your tungsten carbide rings clean of any dirt, or other materials.

Exposure to bleach based products over a long time can cause tungsten carbide to dull, and have a mottled effect. This however can easily be polished off, please see our you tube video How to Polish a Tungsten Carbide Ring.

What kind of Tungsten Rings Can You Buy?

There are many styles of tungsten rings available on the website, although the most popular are the classic court tungsten wedding rings. They are considered to be very comfortable to wear as they are both rounded inside, as well as outside. All of our tungsten carbide rings will have a slightly rounded interior, which makes them more comfortable to wear than if they were flat inside. They also can be bought with different finishes such as brushed, beveled, polished or grooved, or inlayed with silver, or carbon fiber.
Here is some information on some of the types of tungsten carbide rings you can purchase:

Inlaid Tungsten Rings

An inlaid tungsten ring is like getting two types of ring in one. You can choose inlaid tungsten rings that are made of tungsten as well as other precious metals in various designs that are built into the main tungsten rings, one of our most popular inlays is the black carbon fiber.

Diamond and Tungsten Rings

A mix of diamonds and tungsten creates a ring that has both of the hardest materials used to make wedding and other types of rings. You can get tungsten rings that sport various styles and sizes of diamonds added onto it. This is the best possible mix of materials for a ring that is sure to last forever!

Faceted, Grooved, Beveled Tungsten Rings

If you want an unusual, yet stylish form of tungsten rings, then try out a faceted version. These are the ones that include designs like beveling, deeply cut facets, or grooves. These forms of rings offer a ring that you can be proud of and show off to all of your friends.
Satin, Matted, or Brushed Tungsten Rings

When a ring is brushed, it means that some sort of extra texture has been added to tungsten rings. If it is a satin brushed ring, it means that the textured finish if finer, softer and lighter. A matted version of a brushed ring is a rougher texture that can be used to design tungsten carbide rings.

Laser Engraved Tungsten Rings

You can also get laser engraved styles of tungsten rings and they may have designs engraved onto the front of the ring, or you can have something engraved on the inside of the band such as a message to your special someone.
All in all, you can't go wrong with buying tungsten rings or tungsten carbide rings. They are durable, scratch resistant, nearly impossible to damage, permanently polished and are made to last a lifetime! The next time you are ring shopping, be sure to seriously consider tungsten rings!