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Sterling Silver Jewellery FAQ

Some of the questions we are frequently asked about our sterling silver jewellery

We only use sterling silver which is also known as 925, which represents 925 parts per thousand of pure silver, which equates to 92.5% pure.

This is the most widely used in silver jewellery.

All of our silver wedding rings will have a full sterling silver UK hallmark.

We mostly use the Birmingham assay office for our wedding rings, however occasionally we may have a London hallmark.

All of our silver jewellery complies with current UK hallmarking requirments.
The UK legislation states that all silver jewellery where the weight exceeds 7.78 grams per individual item must be hallmarked by law.

All our silver jewellery where a single article exceeds 7.78 grams will have a UK hallmark. Items below this weight are typically stamped 925 if there is room to do so. It is worth reading the product description of a product to determine if the item is stamped, or hallmarked.

There is no difference at all. All our silver jewellery is made of sterling silver, also known as 925 silver. The difference is just really the wording on the website. Sometimes a product name is too long, and we just use silver instead of sterling silver.