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Personalised Ring Engraving

Laser Engraving Service

We can engrave most of the rings available on the website with our state of the art laser engraving machine.

Laser Engraved Rings Engraving can be ordered at the same time that your ring is purchased for a fixed fee of 35.00 per ring for inside ring engraving in a choice of fonts. We are also happy to engrave other fonts by request. If we have it on our computer, then we are happy to engrave it.

If you would like help with your engraving, have special requests, or simply need to send us further details regarding your order then please contact us via

Each of the metals that we laser engrave have different visible properties depending on the way that the metal reacts with the laser, some examples are shown below.


Tungsten Ring Inside Engraving

Tungsten can be engraved in either a white colour, or a dark greyish colour. Our standard finish inside rings is the dark grey as shown above as it stands out more than the white.


Inside Ring Engraving on Titanium

Titanium is the most reactive of our metals which can be engraved in a rainbow of colours, although on the inside of our titanium rings the engraving will be a dark grey to black in colour, you may just see a hint of other anodised colours. The colour is dictated by the heat the titanium receives from the laser.


Laser Engraved Zirconium Rings

Zirconium engraving involves us laser engraving through the black zirconium layer showing the natural grey zirconium below allowing a nice contrast to the engraving.


Engraving inside Cobalt Rings

Cobalt rings retain their natural colour once engraved, although just slightly darker where the cobalt has been removed when engraving.

Zirconia Ceramic

Engraving inside Zirconia Ceramic Rings

Zirconia Ceramic rings will engrave in a darkish grey, to slightly off-white colour which shows up quite well against the contrasting black of the ring.

Sterling Silver

Engraving inside Sterling Silver Rings

Sterling Silver engraving will just show as the natural silver colour, although slightly darker within the recessed engraving.


Engraving inside Tantalum Rings

Tantalum engraves in a nice contrasting greyish to black colour which is very crisp to read.
We are unable to offer engraving on our Meteorite Rings within the Tantalum range.


Engraving inside Damascus Steel Rings

We can engrave our Damascus Steel Rings, but do not offer this service as standard.
For more information on Damascus engraving, please read our Damascus section below.


Damascus Steel Engraving

Although we can engrave our Damascus Steel Rings, we do not offer this service as standard, and as such do not include the option on the product page.

When engraving Damascus steel rings, as the engraving crosses the different levels of steel with both different textures and shades the engraving does not stand out as well.

We do not feel that we can offer an engraving service on these rings without showing you the results, and letting you decide for yourself if it is suitable for you. Many just like the fact of knowing that the engraving is there, even if not crisp and readable.

If you choose to have engraving, we advise having as few characters as possible, so we do not have to shrink the text to fit. For this reason we recommend engraving less than 20 characters.

Out of our Damascus Steel Rings the clearest engraving is DS01, The Woodgrain Ring.

Damascus DS01

Engraving inside Damascus Steel Rings

Our Damascus Woodgrain Ring is the one that will have the clearest engraving of the range.
As there are no black layers within this ring to merge with the black of the engraving to confuse the eye. This ring however will still not be as crisp as our other tech metals once engraved.

Damascus DS02 & DS03

Engraving inside Damascus Steel Rings

Our Damascus Steel Rings DS02 & DS03 are the two rings that are the most difficult to read once engraved, due to the number of black layers within the ring that merge with the engraving. These two rings should only be engraved on the basis that you just want to know it is there, and dont really need to be able to read it.

Damascus DS04

Engraving inside Damascus Steel Rings

Our Reticulated Damascus ring can be engraved in the natural steel colour allowing for a contrasting look, resulting in the engraving standing out more than the other Damascus Rings in the range. Due to the unevenness of the layers of steel, this engraving may not seem as crisp as our other tech metals.

Engraving Terms & Conditions

  • Engraved items are non returnable once your order is engraved it cannot be cancelled, refunded or exchanged.
  • We will engrave exactly as you type it (although extra spaces you input will not be received) we will not spell check, or correct any mistakes.
  • If you wish to advise us of anything that can not be entered at the time of order, such as layout or font choice, please select Customer request to follow still enter your text as best you can so that your order is received. You can then email your instructions after.
  • Please check all information is correct before proceeding. Make sure capitalisation is consistent, and as you require. Once paid we will consider you have checked, and double checked your text.
  • If you realise you have made a mistake please contact us immediately by both telephone, and email.
    Please note that we frequently engrave out of hours, so dont think you can leave it until the morning to phone us.
    During working hours you may call us on 01622 222405
    We always check our engraving email address prior to engraving, so please email us

Laser Engraving FAQ

We are currently introducing engraving across most products on the website that are suitable for engraving.

We have to calibrate each of our different metals, and rings to our new laser which is a slow process. As we calibrate each product we will make it available on the website. It is our intention to have most products available within a month.

Im afraid that once engraved we are unable to accept engraved items back for a refund as they have now become personalised, and as such can no longer be resold.

In order to change the finger size, we need to exchange the ring as most of the rings on the website can not be resized. For this reason we are unable to exchange for another size as we are unable to resell your returned ring once personalised with engraving

This really depends on each individual ring, the finger size ordered, and of course how much text you have chosen to have engraved.
The more text you have, the more space it will take up within the ring. If you have a lot of text then we will have to reduce the size of the font to fit it in.
If there is more than enough space then we will aim for a font size that would roughly equal between 40% to 50% of the ring width. So a 5mm width ring we would aim for 2mm to 2.5mm font size. An 8mm ring width we would aim for 3.5mm to 4mm. 4mm is probably the largest size we would try to achieve with inside ring engraving.
Of course if you order an 8mm wide ring, in a small finger size and then select 25 characters then the text may need to be smaller.

We can engrave as many as you like, however we do have to work with a limited space, so the more characters the smaller the text has to become. Of course there is more space in larger sizes than smaller sizes so there is not a definite answer.

We advise not to exceed 25 characters in larger rings, and 20 in smaller rings. If you require more than the limit set on the website, please contact us and we will happily have a look to see if this is possible for you, and advise of any issues that may occur. Also if you are ordering our smallest sizes on the website we may even struggle with 20 characters, if so we will contact you.

We traditionally have engraved by using manual machines which were directly labour intensive based upon characters. 10 characters would take twice as long as 5, so it was fine and just to charge by character.

In early 2022 we changed over to a sophisticated laser engraver. It now takes us the same amount of time to laser 25 characters as it does 1. Most of our time is spent in preparation, setting up the software and aligning the ring following refinishing the item after. It now makes sense to move to a fixed pricing model for engraving. In addition, if you order one of our largest rings and require more than 25 characters, we also will not apply further charge for more engraving.

Im afraid not. The price is per ring.

Most of the work is in preparation, setting up and refinishing the ring after engraving. It would still take us twice as long to engrave 2 rings regardless of how much text is required.

In theory we can, and do hope to in the future. The engraving software is currently only setup to carry out basic font functions, and imported designs. This is an area that we plan to have training for in the future, and after much testing hope to add as a future service.

Sorry our engraving service is purely for our own products. As you can imagine mistakes happen, equipment breaks down etc. Although rare, we simply take another ring from stock and start again. If we have this issue with your ring then of course we have a bigger problem on our hands. This is unfortunately not a risk that we are willing to take with customers own sentimental jewellery.

We can certainly engrave Roman Numerals, and this is one of the options available on the website. Roman Numerals work better when the font is more of a feature. Be aware that Roman Numerals do take up more space. For instance the number 3 = III so you can run out of characters quickly. Any issues with your text we will contact you.

Roman Numeral Generator*

*This is an external link to a third party website. Please use at your own discretion as Titan Jewellery can not be held responsible for any issues or mistakes that the occur.

Engraving is durable as it is engraved into the metal. The durability comes down to the actual metal of the ring, not the engraving itself. For instance the softest metal silver engraved on the outside may wear off eventually. Engraving is more durable on the inside of rings where they do not receive the daily bashing that the outside of the ring receives.

The harder the metal, the more durable the engraving. Of course you will still be able to scratch the metal when wearing the ring so natural scratching will still occur as it would without engraving.

Although it is not possible to actually do engraving as such that is black, white, or coloured these are achieved by chemical processes created by the heat and pulse frequency of the laser. Some metals will not react in this way so just normal clear engraving is the only option. Titanium is the most reactive where different colours can be achieved. Some-times if you look at the engraving you may see slight glints of colour that change with the viewed angle.

Typically this will take an additional 3 to 5 working days on top of any advertised timescales for each product. This may take a little longer at peak times such as Valentines, or Christmas.

Engraving may not always be available due to staff holidays / illness etc if Jason is not available to undertake the engraving. We would advise ordering in good time rather than leaving until the last minute just in case.

We will engrave exactly as you type it (although extra spaces you input will not be received) we will not spell check, or correct any mistakes. We have found out to our detriment that misspellings or conceived mistakes are intentional as a nick name, jesting or for another reason. If we do think that something is so wrong, we may choose to contact you for clarification which may delay your order.

We do maintain that it is the clients responsibility to check that the engraving is correct, and we take no responsibility for mistakes made by the client that we proceed to engrave. However if we make a mistake engraving incorrectly, or by changing your text without confirming with you prior, then we will take responsibility for this.

Once engraved it would be too difficult to remove any engraving, and may be detriment to the item in doing so. For this reason we do not undertake the removal of engraving on our rings.

We have included half a dozen choices of fonts that can be selected immediately when placing an order. We do have several hundred fonts that we can also engrave. If you would like a different font then please email us and we will see if it is available to us. If we have it, we are happy to engrave it.

Most of our rings can be engraved and will have the options to add at the point of purchase. Unfortunately, not all products are suitable for engraving, and as such there will be no option for engraving on these products.

All of our engraving is carried out by Jason. On the rare occasions he is away from the business for longer than 5 working days, then we may suspend engraving. If the engraving service is suspended then the options for engraving will be removed from the website. Please feel free to email us for an update, or be added to our waiting list to be notified when normal service resumes.

Your partners, yours or both of your initials
The Bride or Grooms name
Your wedding date
A secret romantic message of your eternal love
A religious verse, a spiritual sentiment or literature quote
A humorous joke or quote
The simple and traditional I love youA pledge of your commitment
Roman numerals, perhaps translating the date of your wedding or special Birthday


16th April 2022 (The date you got engaged)
Amore mio
"We belong together" (a song title or lyric you both love, perhaps one from your first dance)
A song title or lyric for your song
I choose you
All my love
Marry me
Never to part
My forever love
To the moon and back
Love of my life
My one true love
Today and forever


I love you
25th March 2022 (Your wedding date)
7th January 2022 (The date you met)
To have and to hold
J&H 25th July 2022 (Your initials and special date)
Till death do us part


I love you more than pizza
I love you 3000
Put me back on!
Do not remove
Human Level: Married
A deals a deal
Better half
Why is this off
Resistance is futile
Love Spud (Your own silly nickname)


Your favourite religious quotation
Love is patient, love is kind
God unites in love
Joined under God
Love is faithful
Do everything in love


We are not going to give examples here, but we are happy to engrave rude quotes, we may giggle, but we wont judge.


We will cancel orders that would have anything that we deem to be illegal, inciteful, racist, homophobic or generally offensive to an individual or group.

Our first laser is a laser welder used for repairing jewellery in general. We dont use this one greatly for our products. This is mainly used in our retail Jewellery Workshop.

Our main laser is a very powerful 80 watt Mopa Fibre Laser that is capable of cutting through steel and carving deep relief into metals. We have future plans for this laser with new products being made and carved with the laser.

On most of our rings engraving outside is certainly an option. On the outside we to tend to do a little larger if space allows in order to be a feature. Some of our rings are not possible to be engraved on the outside. These rings will not have an outside engraving option.

I am afraid that we are unable to offer engraving on our tungsten spinner rings.

The heat generated from the laser causes issues with the spinning of the central part.

We can engrave most rings on the website. Inside ring engraving costs 35.00 per ring for up to 30 characters
Engraving is carried out in-house and typically takes around 3 to 5 working days.