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Zirconia Ceramic FAQ

Some of the questions we are frequently asked about our zirconia ceramic rings

Zirconia ceramic is a form of zirconium, a grey metal. Once baked the metal is formed into an oxide layer and depending for how long the baking process takes depends on how thick this layer is. Our zirconia ceramic rings are fully baked so that they are completely black. This is not a plating; the rings are black so will retain this colour.

Zirconia ceramic rings are the best option for black rings as black titanium and tungsten are just a plating which does wear off eventually.

No, the black is the actual colour of the rings. There is no plating involved with these rings.

Zirconia ceramic rings are fairly like tungsten rings in their durability. They are unlikely to scratch or scuff in normal wear, however diamond tipped tooling will mark them.

Zirconia ceramic rings unfortunately cannot be resized. We do offer a 30 day returns policy with free exchanges so should your purchase not fit; we are happy to exchange for you subject to our terms & conditions. These rings are also so inexpensive that in all honesty it is just as cheap to purchase another size later should the need arise.

Zirconia ceramic rings dont scratch in norm al wear and will retain their colour and shine in normal wear. It is possible to scratch the rings with diamond tipped tools or items of a similar nature.

Although they can be engraved, they are not usually very successful. Firstly, due to the hardness of them any engraving is generally shallow. In addition, engraving relies on you seeing a contrast between the metal and the shadow created by the engraving. Because the rings are so dark you usually are not able to see the engraving very easily.

Due to the hardness of zirconia ceramic rings they are not able to be cut off like precious metal rings with a ring cutting tool. They can however be easily removed in an emergency and are easier to remove than a gold wedding ring. Easy enough to remove yourself at home without visiting a jeweller, or A&E.

Due to the hardness of the zirconia ceramic there is no give in the material if squashed between hard surfaces. Because of this it is easy to repeatedly stress the ring until it either falls of, or you can crack the ring off. You can generally remove a zirconia ceramic ring within a few minutes in an emergency. We do have videos on our information pages on how to do this.