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Free UK Delivery   |   30 Days Return Policy

Jewellery Security Tag

Tantalum Diamond and Meteorite Rings with Security Tag

360 ID Tag Security Tag

Some of our products will arrive fitted with a security tag with a unique serial number that is registered to your order number.

You may try the product on, to make sure you are happy with it, and happy with the finger size.

Once you are happy with your purchase, just remove the tag and enjoy wearing your purchase. Your returns window for exchange or refund will end at this point.

If you are not happy with your choice, or size then please feel free to return for either an exchange or refund, as long as you are still within your returns window, and the security tag remains fitted, intact and not tampered with and with the correct serial number.

All of our jewellery is packaged under cameras, and all returns are opened under cameras so that we can easily confirm that a tag was fitted or not upon dispatch or return. This is to protect both yourself and us, and ensure that no mistakes are made that would stop you rightfully returning an item if we were at fault.

Our tags are only fitted on items that we have experienced return fraud, items that we feel shouldnt be worn until ownership is accepted, and roughly 10% to 20% of orders at random.