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Zirconium Ring Information

Information about our Zirconium Rings

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Zirconium is a very light metal just slightly heavier than titanium, and in its natural form is a silver-grey colour also very similar to titanium.

Zirconium when heated at high temperature for a long time forms an oxide layer over the surface. This is a durable layer which is a chemical process changing the metal, not a plating or coating, so will not wear off.

We are then able to machine through the black oxide layer to expose the natural silver grey colour of the zirconium underneath to give the 2-tone contrasting effect that you see with our rings.

The black zirconium is very durable, you are unlikely to break or squash the ring, however if doing hard manual work, or weights in the gym it may be possible to damage the ring, so we would advise taking off.

Zirconium Rings are hypoallergenic, so are safe to wear for anyone who has any type of metal allergies.

Black zirconium rings are very hard with a Mohs hardness of 9, like sapphires, rubies, and the sapphire crystal glass in high end watches. If the ring has a hard abrasion with a softer metal, it may appear that the black zirconium has a scratch. This is a layer of the softer metal deposited on to the zirconium, and not a scratch. You will be able to remove this using one of the material scouring pads.

Zirconium Logo

All of our zirconium rings, and wedding rings will carry our own unique zirconium logo discreetly laser engraved inside the ring.

Slim Zirconia Ring Box

Zirconia Ceramic Rings & Black Wedding Rings Packaging Options

The Slim Unbranded Ring Box

All of our Zirconium Rings will arrive in a blue unbranded ring box as shown