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Meteorite Rings Information

Meteorite Information

All of our meteorite rings are made using genuine Muonionalusta Meteorite. Our rings are not just thin slithers used as an inlay, the majority of the ring is Muonionalusta Meteorite with a tantalum liner for comfort.

The meteorite ring is manufactured as a complete ring, without a join to increase strength (joins add weakness, or interrupt the pattern with an unsightly weld line) The pattern is then enhanced by etching out the lines within the pattern.

Each ring is truly unique with its own unique natural pattern.

The Muonionalusta Meteorite is found in northern Scandinavia, and is around 1 million years old, it has also experienced 4 ice ages before turning into one our fantastic rings. More information may be found here Muonionalusta Meteorite Information (link opens in a new window)

Tantalum Diamond and Meteorite Rings with Security Tag Our meteorite rings have a composition of around 8.4% nickel, a level too high for the legal limits allowed for prolonged contact on the skin. To overcome this, we have made a liner out of tantalum, another fantastic, rare material. This allows for the finger to not be in contact with the actual meteorite. Tantalum is a hypo-allergenic metal so it will not cause any allergies in wear. Each of our rings will also feature our unique Meteorite & Tantalum logo laser engraved inside the ring.

One slight downside of meteorite is that due to the nickel content they can rust if not looked after. All of our meteorite rings have been treated with a resin that both seals the meteorite to help prevent rust, and also to limit the exposure of nickel touching your adjacent fingers.

It is true to say that meteorite is not perhaps the most desirable metal to turn in to jewellery due to the nickel content, however due to its uniqueness, rarity, and the enthusiasm for something a little different, meteorite is highly sought after.

Tantalum Diamond and Meteorite Rings with Security Tag If the wearer can appreciate what they have and treat with care, then then a meteorite ring will last.

A meteorite ring would make a lovely unique piece of jewellery for those who look after and cherish their jewellery. For those that dont, then we would advise perhaps one of our other materials.


It is very important that the ring is fully dried whenever it gets wet. Salt water is the worst. It would be best to avoid, or thoroughly wash the ring with fresh water to remove any salt if you do come into contact with salt water.

Try to avoid contact with any chemicals. If you do spill chemicals on the ring, then rinse with clean water and dry immediately.

Our guarantee does not cover rust to the ring as this is deemed to be neglect.

The resin that we use is a one time only application that should last a long time. Any abuse or neglect of care is more likely to remove this layer.Tantalum Diamond and Meteorite Rings with Security Tag

If the resin layer is removed, then this isnt a problem other than more regular care is required. The meteorite can be sealed by using various types of mineral oil or gunmetal oil to re coat the surface.

These rings are truly unique, and the rarest of all the rings on the website. This does cause us stock issues, with no guarantee of being restocked the future.

At launch we only have 28 rings across 4 designs, and 7 finger sizes. This means we only have 1 of each size per design in stock.