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Palladium Wedding Rings

Palladium Wedding Rings

Palladium is a precious metal which is part of the platinum family, and as such has many comparable properties to platinum, including colour and durability.

Palladium is a greyish metal, very comparable to platinum in colour, but is a less dense precious metal than platinum meaning that two identical rings made from platinum and palladium, the platinum one would be much heavier. And when the raw precious metals are sold by weight, the platinum ring would cost many times that of the palladium ring.

Palladium has been used in jewellery for many decades, usually as settings in diamond rings as originally it was more expensive than platinum, it was rarely used. So it is very rare to see older rings made of palladium. However due to the sharp incline in the use of platinum in industrial purposes, such as catalytic converters the price of platinum has leap-frogged that of palladium.

All of our palladium rings regardless of purity are cut and shaped on a lathe which produces a more superior product than cheaper cast rings.

Our range of palladium rings are available in two different purities, palladium 950 and palladium 500.

Palladium 950 Wedding Rings

Palladium 950 is the premium product with a purity of 95%, and the purity that we will most recommend.

Palladium 950 rings can easily be resized, and most jewellers will stock the metal and solders needed to carry out such work, Palladium 950 has been around in general use for enough years now that most jewellers are now accustomed to working with it.

Palladium 500 wedding Rings

We consider palladium 500 to be more of a budget purchase, with the only real positive being price, which is absolutely fine if you have a smaller budget, however do remember that these will be your wedding rings that will be forever.

Palladium 500 as the name suggests has a purity of 50% so will be less hypoallergenic to anyone with sensitive skin.

Palladium 500 can still be resized, however as a newer purity not as many jewellers readily stock the raw materials and solders, however this will of course increase if the popularity of palladium 500 increases over time.

Palladium Wedding Ring Box

Palladium Wedding Ring Packaging

(Special Delivery & International Delivery)

All of our hallmarked palladium wedding rings will be dispatched in an unbranded blue leatherette ring box as pictured, and will be dispatched by Royal Mail Special Delivery as standard.

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