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Our range of Men's Wedding Rings

Men's Wedding Rings

When a couple is getting married, one of the most important things to consider is the wedding rings. When it comes to choosing wedding rings, there are many different styles and designs that you can get, as well as price ranges from as low as £100 and upwards into the thousands or even millions of dollars. It all depends on the material the rings are made from and whether or not any precious stones are added to the set.

While the majority of men's and women's wedding rings are probably made of gold, silver or platinum, there are several up and coming alternatives that you can choose from that offer many unique features and even some advantages.

These rings are unique and very different than the usual gold or silver rings. If the two of you decide to buy a wedding ring made of these kinds of materials, then you will have the perfect set of wedding rings to wear forever as a symbol of your love for each other.

Here are some of these alternative materials, as well as their features and advantages and disadvantages:

Titanium Wedding Rings

One of these alternative materials for making wedding rings that is now on the market is titanium. This type of metal is soft, but very durable and strong. Titanium comes in slate grey or black, which is a great color for men's rings since it shows strength and manliness.

These rings are light, scratch resistant and hypoallergenic too. They resist tarnishing and won't change colors because of long time wear or oxidation. It is also possible to have them engraved if desired or you can add precious gems or mix different metals together in what is called inlaid wedding rings.

Titanium is almost as strong as steel and is considered to be seven times stronger than the metal platinum. Plus, it is as shiny and polished looking as white gold or platinum, yet is cheaper than both of those metals. This means it is a bargain, yet also a great choice due to its fine features.

Titanium is also not as expensive as the more traditional types of metal, which makes it not only good looking, but a bargain compared to other kinds of metals for making wedding rings for both men and women. You can get men's and women's rings for between $60 and $600 as of prices only a few years ago.

Zirconia Ceramic or Zirconium Wedding Rings

Just like titanium, zirconium is hypoallergenic, strong, durable and lightweight. When zirconium is heated, it turns into a silky looking black ceramic material that is resistant to being chipped. This black zirconium is also resistant to heat and is even the same metal sometimes used in space exploration, so it is a very futuristic type of material. It also has a thicker coating than on titanium rings.

The cost of wedding rings made of zirconium rings is about 50 percent more than those made of titanium due in part to this heated treatment to turn it into black zirconium material for men's and women's rings. There are also white versions of this metal as well. Or, you can get it inlaid with other types of metals or add on previous gems to make it even more special and unique.

Black zirconium is created through heating zirconium to very high temperatures which results in a transformation of the surface. This transformation changes the surface of the metal into a ceramic like material, which is much thicker than a coating as found with black titanium. This won't scratch off like some other materials, as the color goes all the way through the entire surface and below.

Tungsten Wedding Rings

Tungsten carbide is another material now being used to make both men's and women's wedding rings. These rings are made by mixing tungsten metal with carbide powder and heating it to a temperature over 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it four times harder than rings made of titanium.

It is a hard metal that is resistant to scratching and will keep its nice appearance for many years. It comes in several colors, including grey, black and silver, so you have several choices for ring designs. These can also be inlaid with other metals or have gems added to change up the design or features.

It is also hypoallergenic, but is a bit heavier than some of the other choices of metal to make wedding rings. Unlike some of the other alternative metals, tungsten, however, can't be engraved due to how hard it is.

Tungsten carbide rings are lustrous and smooth looking and you can even plate it with gold or silver if desired or add diamonds or other gems. These rings won't ever grow dull because they don't react badly to oxygen and can be cleaned merely by wiping with a soft piece of cloth. You should not use any sort of harsh chemicals to clean a ring made of tungsten carbide.

Tungsten carbide wedding rings are less expensive than traditional gold or platinum rings, so this makes them a good buy. This is especially true if you want a type of ring that is unusual and different so that you can show it off to your friends and not be wearing just any old kind of wedding rings.

Get A Unique and Special Ring Using These Materials

If you truly desire to have wedding rings that are futuristic, unique, and special, then why not chose one of these alternative materials to create your men's and women's wedding rings for you and your spouse to be. Your new rings will look fantastic and all of your friends will envy you for being brave enough not to go with the crowd and buy regular wedding rings.

You can't go wrong by choosing titanium, tungsten carbide or zirconium metals to design and create the perfect symbol of your wedded bliss - beautiful and special men's and women's wedding rings to exchange on your special day and then wear forever more.