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Cobalt Rings Information

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For the past few years, gold prices have reached sky high and according to experts on precious metals, its value is going to continue increasing in the near future. Because of the incessant rise in the prices of precious metals, most of the jewellery aficionados have started to look for contemporary metals that are cheaper but with almost the same quality and appearance as that of their precious counterparts. One of the industry’s newest players is none other than cobalt. In fact, men’s cobalt rings have recently become the newest favourite today, thanks to the unique properties that these rings have. For those men who are searching for quality and stylish rings, these cobalt rings definitely deserve to be on top of your list.

Cobalt – A Quick Overview

Cobalt is a kind of element which cannot be found isolated in nature. Number 27 on Periodic Table of Elements, cobalt is usually found bonded either to copper or nickel during mining procedures. Once it is all by itself, cobalt is much known for the deep blue hue that it has, and this has also been utilized for providing this particular pigment in jewellery pieces such as rings ever since man has started to produce jewellery.

Why Consider Purchasing Cobalt Rings? – The Many Wonders of Cobalt

Cobalt’s colour is probably its largest selling point. It has a brilliant white colour and notably shiny that makes it comparable to Rhodium Plating. This naturally bright white colour will never tarnish, which means that even after several years of wearing men’s cobalt rings, you can still expect them to have the same sheen and lustre that they had back in those days when you first laid eyes on them. Apart from the colour, there are still a lot of other benefits that you can expect to enjoy once you got yourself with a cobalt ring. For one, it is very strong and durable. Even though tungsten rings happen to be harder than the cobalt ones, these are brittle and can even chip, shatter and crack on hard impact. Although it is pretty rare, it still happens. But when you choose to wear men’s cobalt rings, there is no need for you to fear that such a scenario is going to happen.

The cobalt rings have been made using cobalt’s medical grade. Just so you know, cobalt is inert and has been commonly used in several medical procedures for many years now, including knee and hip replacements. Even the dental industry also makes use of the exceedingly durable cobalt. This can be attributed to the fact that cobalt is very much scratch-resistant and is malleable in the hands of a skilled craftsman. This is the reason why this can be easily worked into several unique styles, making it almost unlimited in terms of its potential. Cobalt also has hypoallergenic benefits, which means that if you are suffering from allergy issues, you need not to worry about it when you wear a cobalt ring because you know that no reactions are going to take place between the ring and your sensitive system.

Cobalt Rings – What are They Made Of?

Cobalt rings and other jewellery are primarily made of cobalt. However, to be more accurate, these rings are usually referred to as cobalt chrome rings.

Will Cobalt Rings Scratch?

As earlier mentioned, cobalt rings are resistant to scratch but they are not necessarily scratch-proof, which only goes to sat that they are going to scratch. However, these scratches are not nearly as easy compared to those on titanium rings and certainly not like that of platinum or white gold rings that can scratch pretty easily. Should there be scratches, a jeweller can easily polish them all out.

For How Long Will the Brilliance Last?

Indefinitely. Cobalt‘s lustrous white embodiment is completely natural. This is not just the superficial kind of plating or a flashing that comes from its surface. Instead, this goes far beneath and within the very metal itself. Cobalt rings’ glow is in fact breathtaking, with consumers commenting how this can easily outshine even the highly polished platinum and white gold. For those who would like to be dazzled with no need to pay too high a price, cobalt rings are definitely the most ideal solution.

Are Cobalt Rings Heavy?

No. Actually, there are plenty of men who had at first set out to purchase tungsten because of the durability ended up buying a cobalt ring instead. As mentioned earlier, cobalt’s durability is almost the same or even better than that of tungsten and the best thing is that there is no added weight that comes with this characteristic. Cobalt rings have that lightweight feel, which is why you will surely feel more comfortable in wearing this kind of band even if you will use it consistently and regularly.

Are There Risks Associated to Cobalt Rings?

Made from the similar bio-compatible and hypoallergenic alloy as that cobalt chrome being used in joint and dental implants, men’s cobalt rings have not been shown to be dangerous to be used and worn by human, aside from the fact that it will also not cause any allergic reaction or irritation. It has been known that the tungsten and cobalt is a combination that can cause itchiness of the skin and irritations when used in making tungsten-carbide rings. However, once these two have not been combined, you need not worry about suffering such consequences. Also, if there are emergency cases, cobalt rings can be easily removed through cutting, similar with other rings.

Men’s Cobalt Rings – How are These Made?

The cobalt rings are being manufactured through the use of the conventional casting method or through the more contemporary milling technique. Since cobalt is an undeniably hard material, its melting point for casting is very high, reaching 2750 degree Fahrenheit. However, since cobalt can be cast, it will also make it possible to come up with more intricate and complex designs which might not be possible if milling will be used for the creation of the ring.

The Jewellers’ Stand on Cobalt Rings

Majority of today’s jewellers embrace cobalt rings with open rings. Among the primary reasons for this wide-armed acceptance is the fact that those couples who are searching for wedding bands are now given a better chance of purchasing a wedding ring with a natural white colour that comes in a much cheaper price, which is definitely a far cry from the value of platinum rings. It only goes to say that it will be perfect for the budget of most folks to purchase a matching set. The fact that the band is not going to scratch as much as platinum bands is also another bonus. While customers enjoy the platinum appearance and great savings, jewellers relish the help that they can offer to their customers for their wedding bands, making it a win-win situation.

Men’s Cobalt Rings – The Grooms’ Choice

With all the mentioned remarkable qualities of cobalt rings, it is no longer a big surprise that more and more grooms now opt to use these rings for their special day. When searching for a quality cobalt ring, the considerations that you have to remember are just similar to that when buying other rings made from other materials. First off, you have to choose the specific style of the wedding band that you like. Will you go for traditional or contemporary? While the traditional bands bear the classic look, the contemporary ones are more modern in terms of their design and style. You also need to determine the fit of your wedding band so that you will be able to choose the one that will not accidentally slip off of finger. Here, you have the option to choose two kinds of interior, the comfort and traditional. Traditional interior is an older kind of fit which is more squared-off. Meanwhile, comfort is a more newly developed option that makes use of an extra material on the band’s interior for its fit to be more rounded and to lessen the pressure on the wearer’s finger.

What Cobalt Rings Should You Buy and Where Will You Purchase Them?

It is a must that you purchase men’s cobalt rings only from the most reputable manufacturers and designers that are specifically based in United Kingdom. As the internet has conquered the whole world by storm nowadays, numerous questionable websites have started to grow like mushrooms, selling those rings that have been made in other countries. Also, it will be hard for you to determine if the specific cobalt used for your chosen ring is hypoallergenic and medically inert or whether or not it has the proper hardness that will ensure a bright shine and scratch-resistance property. As much as possible, look for trustworthy jewellery manufacturers and designers from which you can confidently shop for quality men’s cobalt rings in UK. Our company has the biggest range in the entire United Kingdom, with as much as 28 designs where you can choose the specific cobalt ring that will suit your taste and style.