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Free UK Delivery   |   30 Days Return Policy

Environmental and our packaging

Our Jewellery Boxes and Packaging

We send out a lot of parcels every single day and are aware that this does increase the level of waste that ends up in landfill, or prematurely recycled before the end of their useful life.

We are trying to cut down on the environmental impact that this causes.

Jewellery Boxes

We are aware that many items if purchased for yourself do not need a jewellery box, and if not required is likely to be disposed of. During the checkout process you will be presented with a box that you can enter "No box required" leave blank and your order will arrive in one of our jewellery gifts boxes.

Items that could possibly be damaged in transit, like silver jewellery we will still however arrive in a jewellery box. Items like our metal rings will be fine in transit, so this option is available.


Most orders are dispatched using strong cardboard boxes made from recycled cardboard, which in turn can also be recycled once received. However just one journey does seem premature to be recycling them.

You can reuse the boxes to post elsewhere or return your order back to us if a refund or exchange is required.

We in turn receive many of these parcels back, many are in very good condition and reusable.

We will also offer the option of your order being sent in reused packaging, if we have any available.

Any reused packaging will be in a strong usable condition but may shows signs where labels and stamps have been removed.