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Emergency Removal of Titanium Rings

How to remove a titanium ring in an emergency

This is an easy way to remove any ring that has been left on for far too long with a finger that has increased in size over the years. If the reason for the removal is a broken or damaged finger then it would probably be better to try one of the other methods above.

The string method to remove a ring works best when a finger has just simply got larger over the years, and the ring is too small to be removed.

We do not currently have a video of how to remove a titanium ring in an emergency, however titanium rings are very easy to cut off using a standard ring cutter.

Titanium rings, although very tough and durable in wear are the softest of our alternative metals, and as such can be removed using a standard ring cutter, which most independent jewellers usually have, as well as hospital departments, and the fire brigade. You can even purchase one on eBay for less than £10.

The removal of a titanium ring in an emergency is the same process that you would use for a silver or gold ring and should only take a few minutes.

If your titanium ring is a chunky, or deep design, then a 2nd cut may be needed the opposite side of the ring so that the ring falls of your finger in two pieces.