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Emergency Removal of Cobalt Rings

How to cut off a cobalt chrome ring in an emergency.

How to remove a cobalt ring using a diamond cutting disc in a Dremel, or similar type of drill attachment.

In the video you will see that I am doing everything myself, if you have someone to help you, you will be able to cut the cobalt ring off so much easier.

Cobalt rings are so much harder than steel that normal steel cutting blades will not cut through a cobalt ring. In order to cut through a cobalt ring, you will need to purchase a diamond impregnated cutter, the pack we show in the video was purchased for about £5 from eBay.

Another video on how to remove a cobalt ring in an emergency.

This video is more of a close up, but unfortunately where I was both cutting the ring off, and filming it some shots do wander off from view. However we have still posted it as it is still a good video on how to remove a cobalt ring.

This is an easy way to remove any ring that has been left on for far too long with a finger that has increased in size over the years. If the reason for the removal is a broken or damaged finger then it would probably be better to try one of the other methods above.

The string method to remove a ring works best when a finger has just simply got larger over the years, and the ring is too small to be removed.