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Men's Cobalt Rings a great choice

Brushed Cobalt Chrome Wedding Ring

The Resilience and colour of our Men's Cobalt Rings

Cobalt Rings are a great choice for men who want the brilliant white colour of white gold, but with the durability required of tungsten carbide.

Cobalt is a very hard, scratch resistant material. We are not claiming it to be scratch proof, or indestructible, but you would need to be doing something other than normal use to mark or damage these cobalt rings.

Cobalt Rings are a brilliant white, right the way through.

Cobalt rings however are completely white through the entire ring, no plating to wear off so the ring will always maintain its white colour in appearance. In addition Cobalt is very resilient to scratching. That's not to say that it is scratch proof and in the unlikely event that you did scratch the ring, the scratch would be the same colour as the ring and not the yellow colour that you may receive with a white gold ring.

In order to show you the inside of a cobalt ring we have pain stakingly cut one open for you to view inside the cobalt ring. Just for your information this took our workshop around 2 hours to make the two cuts needed with a diamond impregnated cutting disc as the cobalt is so tough. In comparison this would have taken less than a minute with a similar platinum ring, or any other precious metal.

You will see that the ends of the ring where cut are completely white. They may be a little duller as we have not polished the ends, but are still completely white in colour.

Cobalt Ring Inside
Rhodium Plating Yellow Ring

The discolouration of rhodium plated white gold rings

Some wedding rings today are finished with a rhodium plaiting that when new looks fantastic. However within a few months the brilliant white colour soon starts to yellow, leaving you with a pale dull yellow ring. You though this was a brilliant white colour when purchased new, as is the case with some of the mass produced white gold wedding rings. These white gold rings can be refinished with rhodium plating reapplied yearly, typically at a cost of £20 to £50 per ring. (Information links at bottom)

The image above is of a gents white gold wedding ring that was posted to our Maidstone workshop for rhodium plating. The yellow is the natural colour of the white gold wedding ring prior to being rhodium plated, and the white image is the same ring after the rhodium plated has been applied.

The rhodium plating above will typically last around 12 months if the gent is not too heavy handed with it, however if he scratches the ring, then that yellow colour will show through the white colour of the rhodium plating. This of course will not happen with cobalt rings.


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