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Titanium Jewellery Info

Information about our Titanium

In the past the traditional metals used for creating wedding rings has been gold, platinum, or a combination of several precious metals. But, as these prestigious metals have become increasingly popular over the centuries the price of gold has touched unprecedented heights. For many people gold is simply unaffordable.

An alternative metal that's becoming very popular amongst newlyweds is titanium. The beauty of titanium jewellery is its vast array of elegant styles, designs and attractive colors. Not to mention it's only a fraction of the cost when compared to precious metals. It has a number of properties that make it an ideal choice for a wedding ring.


Commercial grade titanium is 99.2% pure making it around 10 times stronger than 18 carat gold. Because of it's strength it's also more resistant to scuffs, scratches and marks. That's not to say titanium won't scratch, because it can, and it probably will, but because of its strength it usually takes a lot more time and abuse to damage.


Titanium rings are very light weight and weigh approximately 40% the weight of a platinum ring. Titanium is also known to be the lightest metal on earth.


Titanium is perfect for anyone that has overly sensitive skin. It's completely inert and will never cause any kind of allergic reaction. In fact there isn't a single documented case of an allergic reaction caused by titanium.

A common complaint that arises from conventional metal jewellery is something called a "nickel itch". Conventional metals contain nickel that cause a nasty, irritating, itch on the skin directly under the ring. Because titanium is hypoallergenic, and does not contain any nickel, allergic reactions such as this will never occur.

Titanium is completely safe and harmless to wear.

Exotic and Spectacular Designs

Titanium wedding rings are available in a stunning variety of colors and styles for both men and women. Some popular styles include:

* Gold and precious metal inlays
* Diamond and gemstone settings
* Tension settings
* Stunning black zirconium
* Custom engraving
* Polished or matte finishes

Titanium's natural color is a silver-grey. It's darker than ordinary silver or white gold, but still looks beautiful. Through a process of called anodization it's possible to change the color of titanium to any color you desire.

If you struggle to find the perfect design you can also create your own. Most jewelers will allow you create your own unique ring from a custom design.

Whether you're looking for a tradition style wedding ring, or something with a little more elegance and pizzazz, titanium is the perfect choice. Titanium wedding rings are an excellent alternative to tradition rings that have a number of additional properties when compared to gold, platinum and other precious metals. Their strength makes them a favorable choice because titanium will last for generations without tarnishing or degrading, and the price of titanium is much cheaper than gold.

To learn more about titanium wedding rings, check out Quality Titanium. They have a stunning collection of rings for both men and women and are one of the only companies in the UK to stock ring sizes from I to Z+10.