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Bold Font Inside Ring Engraving (uppercase)

Bold Font Inside Ring Engraving (uppercase)

Bold Font 1.25 per character


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Inside ring engraving is charged at 1.25 per character,
subject to a minimum charge of 5.00.

 Max: 20
Characters: 0

Please note that engraved products are non returnable.

The font may be viewed at the bottom of the page.

  • No - We are unable to accept your order for engraving   
  • Yes I agree that engraved items are not returnable.   

Bold Font Inside Ring Engraving (uppercase)

Due to a problem with our engraving equipment, we are not currently offering our engraving service.

We are able to engrave typically up to 20 characters inside any of our cobalt rings, titanium rings, tungsten rings, or silver wedding rings purchased from us for just £1.25 per character.

The engraving is approximately 3mm wide, regardless of the width of the ring, so even on an 8mm ring the engraving will be 3mm in size.

The image above is of a 6mm silver ring with 3mm bold engraving. As silver is a soft metal we are able to engrave deeper into the ring than other metals. For harder metals such as titanium and cobalt , the engraving will not be as deep as the picture above, and on tungsten carbide will be shallow due to the extreme hardness of the metal.

We are able to offer our script engraving service for any of our rings which are wider than 3mm, and up to UK finger size Z+3, and advertised that they can be engraved. Larger sizes may also be able to be engraved but please contact us first.

Our font is displayed at the bottom of the page, the font images are of the template character on the engraving machine, and not an actual engraved product.

Please note :

1) Engraved rings are non returnable for exchange of size, exchange of product, or for a refund as engraved products cannot be resold once personalised. For this reason we are happy for you to purchase the ring, and once happy with the design, and finger size return it to us for engraving.

2) You must accept our terms above that engraved items are non returnable otherwise your order is likely to be cancelled.

3) Any replacements of engraved rings under guarantee will be like for like with no amendments from your original order.

Specification :

Bold Font 1.25 per character

Brand : Titan Jewellery

Inside Ring Engraving : BOLD

Jewellery Item : Inside Ring Engraving


Script characters A to Z

Letter ALetter BLetter CLetter DLetter ELetter FLetter GLetter HLetter ILetter JLetter KLetter LLetter MLetter NLetter OLetter PLetter QLetter RLetter SLetter TLetter ULetter VLetter WLetter XLetter YLetter Z

Bold Numbers 0 to 9

Number 0Number 1Number 2Number 3Number 4Number 5Number 6Number 7Number 8Number 9

Additional Characters

AmbersanSingle HeartDouble Heart

We are also able to engrave a hyphen - forward slash / or full stop . If adding a date we feel the forward slash or hyphen tends to look better than the full stop.

Use for the single heart, and $ for the double heart.

Example on how to enter a message with the double heart, and a date.

I LOVE YOU $ 11-12-2015

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