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New products coming soon

We are frequently asked if we have any plans to introduce certain designs, widths etc. So here is a list of what we currently have in the pipeline for June and July 2018.


We are currently developing 4 new Russian Wedding Rings. These will be thinner than our current rings, and with a more shallow depth they will be more comfortable to wear.


We launched our cobalt rings primarily for men, however due to many requests we will be adding 4 new cobalt rings designed for women. The rings will be in 3mm and 4mm widths in a court design with a choice of polished or brushed finishes.

Precious metal wedding rings

We will soon have a range of blended court wedding rings, made to order in around 5 to 7 days in our own workshop. The rings will be available in the following precious metals

9ct white gold
9ct yellow gold
18ct white gold
18ct yellow gold

Silver Jewellery

We are currently developing a range of sterling silver jewellery, all made to the quality that you would expect from us.

The designs will feature bangles, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and earrings and will consist of around 30 to 40 designs.

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