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Carbon Fibre Rings Information

Carbon fiber is a substance that came about in the last hundred years or so. It has a very high tensile strength and yet weighs very little. It is difficult to bend carbon fiber, but it can be cracked or compressed. It is popular in aerospace materials, and is now being used as insert material for inlaid rings made of titanium, zirconia ceramic and tungsten carbide for wedding rings, and other popular types of rings.

Carbon fiber is also called graphite fiber and it is made of thin layers of carbon atoms that are sometimes mixed with plastic resin. It has recently also became a popular choice for the inlaid portion of several kinds and styles of rings. Carbon fiber inlaid rings have a futuristic kind of look that adds a uniqueness and special quality to your rings. It can be added to tungsten, ceramic zirconia, titanium, and other rings to act as the middle section to give it a different look.

You get the futuristic kind of look that the carbon fiber insert gives your ring, plus the advantages of whichever of the other materials you choose. You can get several kinds of designs and colors too or even design your own to have it match your personality and desires.

Tungsten rings with added carbon fiber

Tungsten rings are a very strong type of material that are actually made of a material called tungsten carbide rings. These rings have a black color and you can add an inlay of carbon fiber to give it some contrast. The mix of these two materials makes this kind of ring a long lasting piece of fascinating and beautiful jewelry. It works well for just about any kind of ring and can make a very interesting and unique wedding band too.

Tungsten rings are great because they don't need to be polished and will retain their shine with no extra work. Tungsten also doesn't cause allergic reactions so it is good for those with issues and the carbon fiber insert is coated with the tungsten so you are still going to get a non allergenic product if you need it.

Inlaid Titanium Rings

Inlaid titanium rings with carbon fiber are another popular choice, and they have the advantage of being lighter than the tungsten inlaid rings. When a strip of carbon fiber is inlaid into the ring, it can add design and uniqueness to your ring and make it even more stylish and noticeable. Inlaid features may be designed by the wearer, which will make them a more personal form of titanium rings.

Titanium and carbon fiber inlaid rings will resist corrosion, are less likely to be tarnished, and are stronger than steel even though they are more lightweight. They also have a high strength to weight ratio, so are very durable.

Zirconium and carbon fiber

Zirconium is another substance that can be made into a ring that has a carbon fiber insert. It is just as strong as titanium and tungsten, and is also resistant to corrosion and while being harder than silver or stainless steel. Zirconium rings with carbon fiber inlay are also popular due to the fact their surface stays polished doesn't discolor or fade.

They are also light and scratch resistant and adding in the carbon fiber inlay makes them handsome and looks great with any outfit or as a unique wedding band. Plus, zirconia with carbon inlay rings require almost no upkeep and the black of a zirconium ring goes all the way through and so it can't scratch off like black tungsten sometimes can.

Zirconia ceramic rings also come in white and it also won't scratch off. So, no matter which color you choose, it can also be inlaid with the carbon fiber to give it a special look that will be beautiful and last a lifetime. They won't scratch and they are durable and strong as well as good looking too.

Adding Carbon Fiber to Rings

No matter which of these materials that you choose, then you can add the inlay of carbon fiber to it to add to the beauty of your ring. You can browse through the available styles and designs and choose the one that you like most. It can become a wedding band, engagement ring (you can also add precious gems like diamonds), friendship ring, high school ring or other kind of ring. They all make great gifts too.

To make your titanium, tungsten, or zirconium rings even more attractive and interesting, jewelry makers put the carbon fiber inlay within their rings. Doing inlay on a ring means that you are putting another king of material inside the body of the ring (in this case carbon fiber) and using the other material (i.e. titanium, tungsten, or zirconium) as the base.

These kinds of rings with the inlay of carbon fiber are more interesting because you can choose different patterns and designs with the combination of the two substances. For instance, the black of the carbon fiber mixes well with the grey of the titanium and it give the ring more texture as well.

These rings with inlay of carbon fiber rings are a great choice for guys due to the fact it gives the ring a bold and strong looking appearance. As for women, these kinds of rings are considered to be very fashionable because they are edgy and cool.

The bottom line is that if you want a futuristic, edgy and cool sort of ring that will catch the eye of everyone who sees it, then you should choose titanium, tungsten or zirconium ring that is inlaid with carbon fiber. You can choose many different colors, designs, patterns and types of rings.

The products you choose can even be engraved with a special message to your loved one to make it even more endearing to them. Whatever you choose to do with your ring, it will last a lifetime and be a perfect symbol of your love and friendships.