Emergency Removal of Rings

We are hearing more reports recently about how rings such as tungsten carbide, or titanium are dangerous to wear as you may lose a finger in an emergency as hospitals are unable to remove them.

This information is both misleading, and totally inaccurate, and is usually voiced by the traditional jewellery shops who rely on selling expensive gold, or platinum wedding rings, and realise that the recent popularity of alternative materials such as titanium, tungsten carbide, zirconia ceramic and cobalt chrome are in competition with them.

In many ways, some of these new material wedding rings are easier to remove in an emergency, and can be carried out in your own home without the need of going to the fire station, hospital or a jewellers. This in its self makes the removal of rings in an emergency even quicker, and gives you full control of the situation.

It is however true that hospitals do have difficulty cutting some of the materials off due to their extreme strength, however each of the rings does have an easy way to remove in an emergency.

Emergency Removal of Rings

Steel Ring Cutter Diamond Ring Cutter Ring Cracker Hammer Wrench
Sterling Silver Best Option Yes,but slow No No No
All Gold Best Option Yes,but slow No No No
Palladium 950 & 500 Best Option Yes,but slow No No No
Platinum Best Option Yes,but slow No No No
Titanium Best Option Yes No No No
Tungsten Carbide No Yes, but very slow Best Option Best Option Best Option
Zirconia Ceramic No Yes, but very slow Best Option Best Option Best Option
Cobalt Chrome No Best Option No No No

We will be adding more content, and videos on how to remove each of the different rings very soon.


Cobalt Rings

Cobalt Rings are completely white, all the way through.

As mentioned previously, our cobalt rings are a very comparable to the brilliant white colour of rhodium plated white gold. But unlike white gold, cobalt is completely white in colour, all the way through and not just a surface plating as is the case with white gold.

Cobalt Wedding Ring

How white our cobalt rings are

We have painstakingly cut a cobalt 6mm court ring into 2 pieces just to show you the internal colour of our cobalt rings.

Our cobalt rings are available from stock, in finger sizes N to Z+3, with our 5mm rings available in sizes J to Z+3


Which finger sizes to sell

On our websites we believe we have the widest choice of finger sizes available in the UK for titanium rings, tungsten rings and zirconia ceramic rings with our availability of finger sizes spanning size I up to size Z+10.
We are able to accommodate the smallest of women’s sizes with some of our designs starting at a small UK size I, and frequently as low as size H 1/2. Our men’s range of rings quite commonly go all the way up to a size Z+6 as standard, with a few of our designs available up to size Z+8, or even Z+10, and all from stock, no need for special orders or made to order only. All sizes are in stock ready for immediate dispatch.

We commonly get asked why 1 design is available in a particular finger size, but another ring is not available, this is how we determine which finger sizes are available in which design.

When we commission a new ring design, we typically need to manufacture between 20 to 50 of any particular finger size. As the new ring design is commercially untested, we will typically only commission the ring in UK finger sizes R to Z which will encompass the best selling finger sizes R to X, and allow for a few larger sizes, hence sizes Y to Z.

After a set period of time, we can compare the sales data for the new design against other rings that we sell and make an estimate of sales that we could expect to receive if we expanded the size options available. With this information we will then decide if the sales forecast warrants increasing the size availability of any particular design.

With some of our designs we can see that they tend to be selling in high numbers in the larger sizes, mainly due to them being wider, or chunkier making them better suited for men’s larger fingers. With these designs, if selling well in larger sizes we will typically expand the range by 3 sizes, so typically Sizes Z+1, Z+2 and Z+3 will be added to the range. We then continue to monitor the sales of these new sizes, and if still selling well will again introduce more sizes and so on.

Our most successful tungsten rings in larger finger sizes are our court wedding rings TURM8 (8mm) and TURM30 (10mm) which are now available up to a size Z+10 from stock.

The above is based how we determine which men’s sizes to stock, however the same is true with how we determine which women’s finger sizes to stock, but in reverse. – See more at: http://www.titanjewellery.co.uk/Mens/Large-Finger-Sizes.html#sthash.Uq8PMyCV.dpuf


Cobalt Ring Sizes Extended

After the introduction of our range of brilliant white cobalt rings in the last quarter of 2013, and the many requests of additional finger sizes, and of course, the success of the cobalt range we have now extended the range of finger sizes available.

The range initially was only available in finger sizes P to Z. The range now starts at size N for most designs whilst our 5mm cobalt rings start at size J making them more suitable for women. The range across all designs now goes up to size Z+3, and all from stock.


Titan Jewellery – our ranges

Wedding rings made from alternative jewellery materials, specialising in titanium, cobalt, tungsten carbide, black zirconia ceramic and carbon fibre. We stock the largest range of finger sizes from the small UK size I to the large Z+10. All of our jewellery is exclusively sold by us, and is in stock for same day dispatch.

Cobalt is a fantastic white metal that is almost as tough as tungsten, whilst having the brilliant white colouring of white gold. An ideal solution for men who want a white gold ring but without the regular maintenance required. We have a range of 19 cobalt rings, in all the standard wedding ring styles, plus a few more fancy designs.

Tungsten carbide, slightly grey in colour is a great choice for men in tough manual jobs due to its strength, and scratch resistant properties. Our range of over 30 tungsten carbide rings includes all the traditional plain wedding rings, many more fancy designs and a handful of carbon fibre inlays in a mixture of colours, and available up to size Z+10.

Our Titanium range of rings are a favourite with both sexes, light and comfortable are words we regularly hear from our customers when praising us on the range. With over 40 designs available in 28 finger sizes from I to Z+10 there is a ring for everyone. Our range covers all of the traditional wedding rings, in polished and brushed finishes as well as some more fancy designs.

Our range of black zirconia ceramic rings are naturally black all the way through. These are a great alternative to black tungsten, or black titanium which is merely a plating that does wear off. The more durable zirconia ceramic will not lose its colour as no plating is involved. Our range is available in around 20 designs from finger sizes J to Z+6.

New for 2014 are our custom range of silver wedding rings, each ring is individually made to you own requirements in around 5 to 10 working days. finger sizes available as standard are size P to Z but both smaller and larger sizes may be available upon request. All of our silver rings are made from hallmarked sterling silver. We are also able to offer this service in all precious metals including gold, platinum and palladium.

Although our core business is mainly wedding rings in alternative materials. We do also offer a range of a dozen titanium bracelets available for both men and women. Our best selling titanium bike bracelets are now available in a choice of lengths from stock.

All of our jewellery is our own brand, and sold exclusively by Titan Jewellery, and a few select business’ that we supply on a wholesale basis. All jewellery has a one year guarantee as standard.

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