Are Tungsten Rings Safe

Out of all the wedding rings that we sell, the most enquiries that we receive are to do with tungsten carbide wedding rings regarding and false information that they have been given. This is typically from a jewellers who do not sell tungsten rings, are after you purchasing a gold or palladium wedding ring instead.

Myth : Tungsten Rings are Dangerous
We hear may reports from clients about how dangerous tungsten carbide rings are in an emergency as they are not able to be removed by emergency services if required, and can lead to you losing a finger.

: Tungsten Rings are safe

Tungsten carbide is indeed very hard, and is almost impossible to cut with any steel cutting blades, although diamond impregnated blades will cut a tungsten ring off, it would be very slow.
Tungsten Rings are very tough and durable in wear, but are brittle under concentrated stress, which makes them so easy to remove, you can even do it at home with a few basic tools and we have a series of videos to show you how to do this.

Myth : Tungsten Rings will cause more damage in an accident.

Although less common, we still need to address this fallacy.
Some clients have been advised that the hardness of a tungsten ring will somehow amplify any force hitting your ring as it has no give, and thus causing your finger more damage.

Fact : Tungsten Rings if anything are more protective.

Firstly we are not claiming a tungsten ring will actually protect you, however if you were to shut your finger in a door, or similar accident, precisely at the point of the ring then the tungsten ring would protect you more than a gold, platinum or palladium ring. The reason is that the precious metal rings stand more chance of deforming on your finger and constricting it, where as the tungsten ring will not squash or deform.

Myth : Tungsten Rings are just for men

A lot of clients think that tungsten rings are only available in chunky designs for men, and their partner is unable to get a matching tungsten ring.

: We stock women’s tungsten wedding rings

Although it is true to say that the majority of our sales are for men’s tungsten rings, about 15% of our sales are in women’s designs, and finger sizes so there are a lot of women buying tungsten rings from us.

: Black Tungsten Rings are durable

We are asked quite frequently if we sell black tungsten wedding rings as the client wants a black wedding ring that is tough and durable.

: Black Zirconium Ceramic is far superior to Black Tungsten

Black tungsten is a plating that is on the surface, and as with any plating does mark and scratch in wear quickly. leaving the natural colour on show. For this reason we don’t sell black tungsten, or black titanium.
For a black wedding ring we would strongly recommend either Zirconia Ceramic, or Zirconium which are both available in a black colour which is more durable, and not just a plating.

Our popular black zirconia and carbon fibre ring